Courses / American Studies / 4 units / AMSTUD 117N: Losing My Religion: Secularism and Spirituality in American Lives

Losing My Religion: Secularism and Spirituality in American Lives

4 units
June 26 - August 4, 2017
Section 1   M, W, F  1:30PM - 2:50PM

In this seminar you will explore theory and practice, sociological data, spiritual writing, and case studies in an effort to gain a more nuanced understanding about how religion, spirituality, and secularism attempt to make legible the constellation of concerns, commitments, and behaviors that bridge the moral and the personal, the communal and the national, the sacred, the profane, and the rational. Together we will cultivate critical perspectives on practices and politics, beliefs and belonging that we typically take for granted.




  • Enrollment limited. Preference to rising Stanford freshmen and sophomores who haven’t had the opportunity to take an IntroSem previously.
  • Instructor is Ari Kelman, Associate Professor with Stanford Graduate School of Education and Religious Studies (by courtesy), and Chair in Education and Jewish Studies
  • This course follows a non-standard schedule. Please see the Summer Session Non-Standard Schedule Calendar for special deadlines.
  • This course is cross-listed as EDUC 117N and RELIGST 13N.
  • This course is offered for variable units (2 – 4 units); units depend on varying workload as determined by instructor.



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