Courses / Art and Art History / 3 units / ARTSTUDI 171S: Photography I: Digital

Photography I: Digital

3 units
June 26 - August 19, 2017
Section 1   M, W  10:30AM - 12:20PM
Section 2   M, W  1:30PM - 3:20PM

Through digital instruction, students learn to use a DSLR camera and to operate manual settings (focus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, color temp/white balance). They become familiar with basic scanning techniques (appropriated images, not negatives) on a flatbed scanner, and basic digital printing (in color). They learn basic file management as well as the use of Adobe Lightroom software. They are taught to operate 17″-wide Epson digital printers, to print digital proof sheets, and to evaluate prints, correct files and re-print. Students acquire an essential knowledge of contemporary art photography, including standards of quality and image sequencing. They get a basic sense of aesthetics and of the critical discourse that exists around the cultural significance of images.




  • Lab fees required.
  • Limited enrollment.¬†Attendance at first class mandatory.¬†Enrollment will be determined at first class meeting.
  • Priority to undergraduate studio majors/minors.


Syllabus 2017_Section 1