Courses / Chemistry / 5 units / CHEM 31A: Chemical Principles I

Chemical Principles I

5 units
June 26 - July 21, 2017
Section 1   M, T, W, TH  9:30AM - 11:20AM

For students with moderate or no background in chemistry. Stoichiometry; periodicity; electronic structure and bonding; gases; enthalpy; phase behavior. Emphasis is on skills to address structural and quantitative chemical questions; lab provides practice.




  • Students who enroll in the lecture will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory discussion section. When enrolling in Axess, choose “No Selection” instead of the discussion section, which is closed by design. Please note that while you will be enrolled in the discussion section, it will not show up in your class schedule, so remember not to enroll in a class that will conflict with the discussion section.
  • This course follows a non-standard schedule. Please see the Summer Session Non-Standard Schedule Calendar for special deadlines.
  • This course is offered as part of the Summer Intensive in General Chemistry, and qualifies toward the Certificate of Completion in General Chemistry.


CHEM 31A Syllabus - 2016