Courses / Computer Science / 5 units / CS 109: Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists

Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists

CS 109
5 units
June 26 - August 19, 2017
Section 1   M, W, F  12:30PM - 2:20PM

Topics include: counting and combinatorics, random variables, conditional probability, independence, distributions, expectation, point estimation, and limit theorems. Applications of probability in computer science including machine learning and the use of probability in the analysis of algorithms.


CS 103 or CS 106B or X, and multivariate calculus at the level of MATH 51 or CME 100 (or equivalents)


  • Matriculated Stanford graduate students may enroll for 3, 4 or 5 units; everyone else must take the course for 5 units. All students do 5 units worth of work, including Stanford graduate students enrolled for 3 or 4 units.
  • The 5 unit version of this┬ácourse is offered as part of the Summer Intensive in Computer Science, and qualifies toward the Certificate of Completion in Computer Science. 3 or 4 unit enrollments will not qualify toward the Certificate. Enrolled units can be adjusted in Axess through the Final Study List deadline.


CS109 Syllabus_2017