Courses / English for Foreign Students / 1 unit / EFSLANG 689S: Exploring Silicon Valley Language and Culture

Exploring Silicon Valley Language and Culture

1 unit
July 10 - August 19, 2017
Section 1   W  1:30PM - 3:20PM
Section 2   W  3:30PM - 5:20PM

Focus on developing communicative skills in the context of Silicon Valley with its unique culture and language patterns. Through analysis and discussion of language and content from authentic materials, such as popular blogs and videos, students gain familiarity with local norms for interacting with the people who live and work in this region. Includes topics relevant to entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and students as well as a short individual project. Intended for both new and continuing international graduate students. Undergraduate and high school students should enroll in EFSLANG 684S.





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