Courses / English / 5 units / ENGLISH 175E: Animals and the Fiction of Identity

Animals and the Fiction of Identity

5 units
June 26 - August 19, 2017
Section 1   T, TH  9:30AM - 11:20AM

In a post-Darwin world, the notion that we might all have an animal alter-ego lurking inside seems quite familiar. But ideas about animals: how they think and feel, act and react; involve identity categories such as race, gender, class and ability in surprising ways. This course will trace the relationship between animality and human life in twentieth-century American fiction, from race and indigeneity in Jack London’s dog stories to the storytelling practices of contemporary animal advocacy groups. The course may also include an experiential component in which students will have the opportunity to explore multispecies concerns with a local organization.




  • This course is cross-listed as AMSTUD 175E.
  • The 5 unit version of this course is offered as part of the Summer Intensive in Human Rights, and qualifies toward the Certificate of Completion in Human Rights. 3 unit enrollments will not qualify toward the Certificate. Enrolled units can be adjusted in Axess through the Final Study List deadline.


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