Courses / Neurology & Neurological Sciences / 3 units / NENS 67N: Intracellular Trafficking and Neurodegeneration

Intracellular Trafficking and Neurodegeneration

3 units
June 26 - August 4, 2017
Section 1   M, W, TH  4:30PM - 5:50PM

Preference to freshmen. Cell structures and functions, the intracellular trafficking system that maintains exchanges of materials and information inside cells, and clinical features and pathologies of neurodegenerative diseases. Techniques for examining cellular and subcellular structures, especially cytoskeletons; functional insights generated from structural explorations.


High school biology.


  • Enrollment limited. Preference to rising Stanford freshmen and sophomores who haven’t had the opportunity to take an IntroSem previously.
  • Instructor is Yanmin Yang, Associate Professor with the Stanford Neurology Department.
  • This course follows a non-standard schedule. Please see the Summer Session Non-Standard Schedule Calendar for special deadlines.


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