Helpful Tips for Your Stanford Summer Session Application

Helpful Tips for Your Stanford Summer Session Application
Helpful Tips for Your Stanford Summer Session Application. Learn more below.

Whether you’re starting or completing your 2017 Stanford Summer Session application, below are some helpful tips to assist you along the application process.

Helpful Tips for Your Application

If you haven’t yet done so, please familiarize yourself with the Application Information page on our website, which includes application details for visiting domestic (U.S.) and visiting international students. We are currently in Round 1 of our four application periods; however, we highly suggest you apply as early as possible to (1) save up to $75 on your application fee and (2) receive an admission decision as early as February 10, 2017.

When selecting the appropriate program button at the bottom of the Application Information page, please note that permanent residents and U.S. citizens are considered domestic students and should select the Visiting Domestic (U.S.) Students button, while international students should select the Visiting International Students button, regardless of whether or not you currently study at a U.S. institution.

To assist our staff with verifying your transcript documents, please make sure the transcripts you upload have your full name and the name of your college or university. If your institution uses a non-GPA based grading system, you must also include an explanation of your school’s grading system. See your program’s How to Apply page on our website for an example. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for upload.

Note for international students: Make sure your transcripts are submitted in English. Most universities will supply a translated English version of your transcript to you. If your transcript is translated from another language, please upload both the original and translated versions.

The application’s personal statement prompt is included below. On behalf of our application reviewers, we ask that you be authentic with your response. This is one of the only areas in the application for us to get a better sense of who you are and your personal aspirations. When in doubt, have a parent, teacher, advisor, or mentor proofread your personal statement prior to submitting. They can help catch any grammatical or spelling errors that a computer may have missed. Remember, responses must be no longer than 200 words and written in English, so please be concise. Any additional information you would like us to consider should be included on the final page of the application under “Other Information.”

Please provide a statement indicating your academic interests and what you hope to accomplish during your attendance at Stanford’s Summer Session. If you already have specific disciplines or courses in mind, please detail these and explain how they will help you grow in your academic endeavors. You may also add other interests that you would like to pursue while at Stanford.


  • Student Visas: Students that require a Stanford-sponsored student visa will provide documentation only after being admitted to the Summer Session. For international students that currently have a U.S. student visa, you will need to provide all visa details as part of the application.
  • English Language Proficiency: If you do not qualify to receive an English language waiver, during the application process, you will be asked to verify your fluency in English. If you need to submit a test score, enter the number in the “English Proficiency” section of the application, but remember to uplaod your actual test results towards the end of the application process for verification. More information regarding accepted test scores can be found on the International Requirements page for Visiting International Students.

There are no right or wrong answers to the SVIA questions in the application. Answer honestly. It will help us get a better idea of this year’s applicant pool and how teams can potentially be formed.

Winter Closure

The Summer Session Office will be closed during the University’s Winter Closure, starting Tuesday, December 20, 2016, through Tuesday, January 3, 2017. Email messages received during this time will be reviewed upon our return on Wednesday, January 4, 2017. Due to the potential high volume of inquiries during the Winter Closure, please allow 3-5 days from our return date for a response. For a more immediate response, please explore our FAQs on our website to see if your question can be answered.

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