Memorial Church, Stanford University
You're invited to apply for the 2017 Stanford Summer Session

Because of your strong academic achievement and success, you have been selected to receive this invitation to apply for the 2017 Stanford Summer Session. As you probably know, Stanford University is one of the most elite and prestigious institutions in the world and we recruit the very best and brightest students from around the world—students like you!

The Stanford Summer Session (June 24-August 20) is the perfect opportunity for you to enhance your transcript, prepare for a graduate program, and expand your horizons on a fun and inspiring journey.

Below are a few things you can experience this summer:


From the historic Stanford campus to San Francisco Bay, the mountains of Yosemite to the beaches of Monterey, your Summer at Stanford will expand your horizons like never before.


Engage in dynamic classroom experiences with world-class faculty and an impressive group of peers. Choose from over 170 courses in 40 academic disciplines. Or, immerse yourself in the field of your choice with the Intensive Studies Program.


The intimate campus community of the Stanford Summer Session allows you to make lifetime memories with new friends from all around the world, and build your network with professors, scholars, and leaders in Silicon Valley.


Located in the “heart of Silicon Valley,” partake in an endless amount of technological and entrepreneurship opportunities, including the Silicon Valley Innovation Academy (SVIA)—a hands-on experience of the start-up process, taking students through the innovation life cycle of ideas.

How will you transform this summer? Find out by starting an application today.