On My Way to Stanford

by Tiffany Kwong

Hey guys, it’s Tiffany. In my series of blog posts, you will get a first-hand look into my Stanford Summer experience, so get excited! First, let’s talk about the moments leading up to my arrival at Stanford.

Before-Travel Thoughts

Finally, it’s “The Day!” Yes, it is the day I am going to San Francisco. I have been hearing all the good things that come along with a California summer, and when I arrive, my dreams will come true and I know it will feel so unreal. I can’t wait to find out what it will be like to look out from my Stanford dorm window. I bet it will be very different from what I see looking out my room window in England!

Welcome to San Francisco!

After more than 10 hours of flight time (yes, it’s so long), I have finally arrived in San Francisco. Despite the duration of the flight, I can assure you the flight is worth it.

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