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Stanford Summer Session is the fourth academic quarter at Stanford University, the only term in which visiting students can come to study on campus. We are committed to admitting intelligent, curious students who will enrich the campus community as much as it enriches them. Our curricular offerings range from Technology Entrepreneurship to Global Human Rights, as well as introductory and advanced classes in the humanities, social sciences, and lab sciences.


Providing high-achieving students with a challenging academic experience and immersion in the Stanford tradition.

Education is a holistic enterprise. We create programs and services to support students inside the classroom and out. Students have the opportunity to hear from world-renowned speakers and explore the Bay Area with free excursions planned just for them. They are supported academically with free advising and tutoring, and always have access to the Summer Session staff for conversations about amplifying their Stanford success.




  • Bill Whobrey
  • Lisa Pritchett
  • Renee Connor
  • Jimmy Moore
  • Erin Sarmiento
  • Vianne Newell
  • Josh Ireland