How to Apply

Admission is selective, and students will be evaluated as a group with final admission offers distributed after the application closes.

To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • Have graduated from high school or secondary school or equivalent.
  • Have received an Honorable Discharge from any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Have successfully completed at least one year of college by the time the program begins on June 26, 2017 and have earned no more than 60 units of credit at an institution on semesters and 90 units of credit at an institution on quarters by the start of the program.

All applicants are required to complete an online Summer Session application. As part of the application, students should be prepared to submit an unofficial transcript for all colleges or universities attended, compose short personal statements in response to specific questions, and upload a brief self-produced video.

Application Deadlines

The table below indicates application details for the Stanford 2 to 4 Veteran Accelerator application.

Application Period

Application Open Date

Application Completion Date*

Application Fee

Decision Release Date

Acceptance Completion Date

Early January 9, 2017 January 31, 2017 $30 February 10, 2017 March 3, 2017
General February 1, 2017 February 28, 2017 $30 March 10, 2017 March 31, 2017
Late** March 1, 2017 March 30, 2017 $30 April 7, 2017 April 28, 2017
*Applications will only be considered complete once the application is submitted, required materials are uploaded, and application fee is paid.
**Applicants are encouraged to apply early as there is limited space in the program. The program may fill by the Late application period.

Apply / Log In

Course Registration: Registration for courses starts on Sunday, April 9, 2017. Students who are offered admission to the program are strongly encouraged to complete their acceptance process prior to this date. A spot in the program is not confirmed until the acceptance process is completed and a Stanford ID number has been issued.

Housing Application: Students who attend Stanford as part of the Veteran Accelerator program have guaranteed housing on campus; still, an online housing application must be submitted by each individual student in order to ensure placement in the correct residence hall. All Veteran Accelerator students are required to complete a housing application before the first-round deadline in early May.

The Application Process

    1. The Application Interface
      You will be able to work on your application as your schedule allows. If you need to exit the application at any time, simply close your browser. Any information you have entered will be saved, providing you have clicked the “Continue” button at the bottom of each individual webform after filling in your personal details. You will be able to modify all information within your application until such time as you submit it for review.


    1. Starting or Continuing Work on an Application
      Click on the “Apply” link available on our main menu. You may also click the “Apply/Log In” button that appears within these instructions.To begin or resume work on your application, you’ll start on the “Application Management” page. If you are returning to an existing application, log in and then click on the name of the application that appears in red under the header “Your Applications.” If this is your first time to the site, follow the prompts to “Create” your application. The information provided below will walk you through the entire application process.New applicants will continue to “Register” their account. To get started on your application, please enter the information as requested.

      Email Address: The email address you provide will become an integral part of your log in, and will be used for contact purposes throughout your connection with Stanford Summer Session.

      First Name: Also known as your given name or familiar name. This should be your full, legal given name, as it appears on your passport or photo ID.

      Last Name: Also known as your family name or surname. This should be your full, legal family name, as it appears on your passport or photo ID.

      Although we realize that many languages include letters and punctuations that are not utilized in written English, our application is not equipped to handle these specialized characters. Please enter name and address information using only letters A to Z, with no accents or additional punctuation. In general, your name should be entered as it appears on the coded strip at the bottom of your passport’s identification page, although we request that you use both upper and lower case letters.

      Birthdate: Enter your date of birth using the dropdown boxes provided.

      Use the “Continue” button that appears at the bottom of each webform to advance your way through the online application. The information provided on the “Register” page will be used to create your account. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address provided to verify your ability to receive automated messages from our application system. Use the activation link and temporary PIN provided in this email to continue your application. You may also save this email and use the activation link to return to your application at any time.

      Please allow a few minutes for this message to be delivered. If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact our office for assistance.

      Once you have successfully verified your account, you will return to the “Application Management” page. Use the red “Start New Application” link to “Create” and then “Open” your 2017 Stanford Summer Session application.

      The application is designed to prompt you through each required webform, with instructions provided as needed within the application to assist you in its completion. If at any time you have questions about the application, please contact the Summer Session Office.

      A special note about entering international address information: If you need to enter an address for a country outside the United States, please start by using the drop down box provided to locate the appropriate country name. Once you’ve made your selection, the associated text boxes will update to enable you to input accurate address information.


    1. Academics
      You will be required to enter information about current or past post-secondary educational institutions you are attending or have attended – whether or not you have received a degree from the school. You should enter information about all such schools, up to a total of three institutions. Please start with your current or most recent school, and work backward from there. For dates of attendance at a school you currently attend, indicate when you anticipate the completion of your studies.The application interface will allow you to upload a digital version of your transcript or transcripts that cover all years of college or university education. Your transcript(s) must show your full name and the name of your college or university, as well as an explanation of your school’s grading scale. For students currently attending college or university, the transcripts must include grades from the Autumn 2016 term. Transcripts do not need to be official.Note for students who have attended international institutions: Transcripts must be submitted in English. If translated from another language, upload both the original and translated versions.


    1. Application Questions

This section of the application provides an opportunity to tell us about yourself, from the unique perspective of a veteran. All applicants are required to answer all questions, and have the option to upload a short video answering your selected questions.

The essay prompts for Summer 2017 are:

      1. Military service is known for rich leadership opportunities and stressing the importance of good discipline. Describe a personal example of either of these concepts and how you can apply these skills to your academic journey.
      2. Veterans are often great innovators. Describe an example of your ability to create solutions to problems.
      3. All branches of the Military have their own educational system. What have you learned about yourself as a student, both in the military and in college, that will help you in your academic endeavors at Stanford?
      4. Describe the biggest challenge that you have faced as a student. (eg. Time Management, Study Skills, Social Interactions, etc.)

Each essay prompt requires an answer of 500 words or less. You may type your answers directly into the application, or copy and paste from a word processing program. Summer Session social media and blogging opportunities may be offered to a select number of students based on these writing samples.

In addition to providing answers to these questions, you have the option to create a short video that introduces yourself and identifies three goals you have for your summer at Stanford and/or the following academic year. Video submissions should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or some other shared file location. You will enter the link to your video submission in the space provided.

You will have the option of applying to the Silicon Valley Innovation Academy Explore program. If you respond “Yes” on the SVIA portion of the application, you will be taken to the full SVIA Explore application.

The $600 SVIA program fee will be waived if you are accepted into SVIA Explore. Please keep in mind that this is a 25 hour time commitment . Your coursework is the first priority as a Stanford student. The Veteran Accelerator program will be your next priority in which you are expected to be at all events associated with the program. For the most part, with no guarantee, SVIA Explore and the Veteran Accelerator program will not overlap in time.

Here is a calendar of events that shows Summer 2016 programming and will be updated as plans are finalized.



  • Review
    Prior to submitting your application, you will be directed to a “Review” page. This will alert you to any information within your application that was overlooked or entered incorrectly. Please make updates as requested.




  • Application Status
    After submitting your application, you will arrive at the “Application Status” page. Here you will be able to pay the non-refundable application fee of $30. You will also be provided with instruction regarding any additional information we require from you prior to processing your application for review.


All applications are reviewed by Summer Session administrators and evaluated for admission to the program. If additional information is required for any reason, you will be contacted via email. Please monitor your account for status updates, and watch your email for correspondence from our office.

Apply / Log In

The Acceptance Process

The Summer Session Office sends notification of admission decisions via email. The message will instruct you to log in to your application and return to the “Application Status” page. Click on the link provided to view your “Status Update.”

A critical component of the “Application Status” page is a section titled “Important Documents to Read.” Early in the acceptance process, these documents consist of the “Program Handbook,” and a link to “Your Summer Session Checklist.” The Summer Session Office keeps students apprised of upcoming deadlines, action items, and general information via email, and adds these messages to the “Important Documents to Read.” Refer to this section on a regular basis to stay up-to-date regarding critical information relevant to your Summer at Stanford. You are responsible for reading correspondence from our office and following through on action items as necessary.

To begin the acceptance process, complete and submit the “Reply to Offer of Admission” form. Once this form is received, your “Application Status” page will update and new forms and requirements will present themselves for completion. You must complete all forms and requirements to be eligible to receive a Stanford ID number. Your spot in the program is NOT CONFIRMED until the Summer Session Office has issued you a Stanford ID number.

The acceptance process is similar to the application process. Work through each webform, providing answers and information as required. If you need to exit the application at any time, use the Logout link provided in the “Account Tools” at the bottom of the page. Any information you have entered will be saved.

Confirmation: The Stanford ID Number

Once the acceptance process is complete and all required documents have been submitted and verified, you will receive your Stanford ID number via email within five business days. This ID number means you are confirmed in the Summer Session program!

Your Stanford ID number is critical for moving forward with the University processes of registering for courses and applying for housing. Confirmed students will receive timely instructions on how to complete these tasks, so watch your email and refer to the “Important Documents to Read” section of your “Application Status” page. We look forward to welcoming you to campus this June!