Research Opportunity

Professor Bob Street, Ph.D., (Civil and Environmental Engineering) is looking for an undergraduate student to assist in his lab during the 2017 Stanford Summer Session.

The student selected for this position will work in the lab 18 hours per week (with potential to work additional hours for pay). For their work, the student will earn 6 units, which will be charged on the student’s University bill. This student must also enroll in at least one additional academic course during the Summer Session.

Additional information regarding the project can be found here.


Computer skills: Experience with Unix/Linux, scientific computing (MATLAB, Python, or some other software), and a computing language like FORTRAN or C++; some experience with file systems and working with remote computers is preferred but not necessary (i.e., national machines, such as Cheyenne or those at U. Illinois)

How to Apply

Email Suzi Jones the following:

  • Your resume
  • The following statement that grants us permission to release your transcripts to Professor Street for review: “I, (insert first and last name), am granting Stanford Summer Session permission to release my transcripts to Professor Street for review for the purposes of this application.”
  • A 250-word statement of purpose that addresses
    • Why you are interested in this research opportunity,
    • Why you think you are qualified, and
    • A background of your computer proficiencies and skills, including but not limited to, any experience with the computer systems listed above