Arriving On Stanford's Campus

by Tiffany Kwong
First Impressions

Finally, I had arrived at Stanford. First things first, of course I had to explore the campus.

I walked around the first day being very confused and thought that I would never be able to get to class without Google Maps. Stanford has such a large campus, and it can be confusing for people like me, especially when I can’t even ride a bike. Although I was exhausted from the long walk, I was constantly amazed by how pretty every building was. The pretty campus made that first walk so worth it.

Later, I eventually found my way around, and this helped me navigate around campus much quicker. It’s actually now just a 10-minute walk from my dorm to my class. (This walk took me a half-hour when I first got to campus.) I totally suggest you get a bike or if you want to roll to class in style, you could also get a skateboard! Or, you can just keep it simple and walk like me.

Green Library and Lake Lag

My friends back home always say I am different from others. Reason: I never go to the library. (SHOCK) But here I was at Green Library. Confession time: I only go there because it’s pretty. And a pretty library is definitely motivation for me to go to the library.

And when we talk about Stanford, there is no way I can leave out Lake Lagunita. When I saw Lake Lag for the first time, I freaked out, thought I was lost and that Google Maps had fooled me. But now I pass through it everyday like it is nothing special. But seriously, if you look at it, it’s Lake Lag – not much water there. And no worries guys, it’s just next to where I live; it’s not the middle of nowhere.

I feel like there is always more and more for me to discover everyday here in Stanford, and I cant wait!

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