Working Smarter

2 units
June 26 - August 19, 2017
Section 1   M  4:00PM - 5:50PM
Section 2   M  6:30PM - 8:20PM
Section 3   T  4:00PM - 5:50PM
Section 4   T  6:30PM - 8:20PM

Once you get into the school of your dreams, how will you be sure you can succeed there? The level of organization and study skills necessary for college success are often very different than in high school settings. This class will use research-based practices to help students gain insight into effective learning strategies and approaches to time management, while honing skills in reading, studying, writing, discussion, and oral presentation. This class is appropriate for students who wish to prepare for college, as well as for those already in college who wish to revisit and expand their set of strategies for successful learning.




CTL 53 Syllabus - 2015