Structure and Reactivity of Organic Molecules

Course Description

Introduction to organic chemistry. Learn to relate three dimensional structure of organic molecules to their chemical and physical properties. Introduced to a variety of functional groups that exhibit patterns of reactivity and learn how to predict products of a reaction in the context of thermodynamics and kinetics. Two 3 hour weekly lab section accompanies the course to introduce the techniques of separation and identification of organic compounds.

Course Details

  • Enrollment requirements: This course is part of a series. Students are encouraged to take the course along with  CHEM 121.
  • Non-Standard Course Schedule
  • Online Format: Synchronous - Lectures and labs will be conducted through live video conferencing through Zoom. To fully engage with the course, get immediate feedback and explanations, and interact with other students and teaching staff, attendance for all live lecture and lab sections are compulsory. To access these sessions, students will need a computer, tablet, or laptop with internet access and zoom capability as well as access to a scanner or a smart phone with a scanner app to submit PDFs of homeworks, quizzes and exams (a tablet on which a student can write on pdfs for submission would also work.). A printer may be helpful for printing templates but is not required. Guided laboratory experiences, including both hands-on and virtual simulations, will be conducted in real time with the TAs during your regular lab zoom sessions. To cover the cost of materials and/or lab simulations a lab fee of no more than $100 will be charged to students after the first day of class.


CHEM 31A, CHEM 31B or CHEM 31X or a strong foundation in General Chemistry is required.

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