Welcome to Cyberspace: An Introduction to the Internet

Course Description

In this introductory-level class we will investigate the Internet as a material technology created in a specific historical and cultural context and explore how its architecture has shaped the ways we work, think, and relate to each other in 2018. First, we will learn what the Internet is, how it works, and why it came to be. Next, by working through a variety of historical and analytical texts, we will examine the reality and mythologies of cyberspace. Key areas of interest include economics, law, and how people use the Internet to connect. Over the course of the quarter, you will gain skills to think critically and analytically about issues related to the Internet in today’s world and articulate your own positions on them.

Course Details

  • Grading Basis: Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
  • Intensive Studies: This course is offered as part of the Technology and Innovation Intensive. See the Intensive Studies page for more information on how to receive an official Document of Completion.
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