2021 Stanford Summer Session Courses

Course Description

The economic way of thinking and the functioning of a modern market economy. The behavior of consumers and firms. Markets for goods and inputs. Analysis of macroeconomic variables: output, employment, inflation, interest rate. Determination of long-run growth and short-term fluctuations. The role of government: regulation, monetary, and fiscal policy.

Course Details

  • Class Number: 20910 
  • 2021 Schedule: Asynchronous
  • Discussion Section Required: Course includes a required discussion section. Students sign up at the start of the program. Multiple options will be available.
  • Online Format - Asynchronous: This course is offered through a series of recordings and/or assignments that students can do at their own pace. Students will receive more information on the structure and expectations of the course as we get closer to the beginning of the Summer Session.
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