Fiction Writing

Course Description

Online workshop course that explores the ways in which writers of fiction have used language to examine the world, to create compelling characters, and to move readers. We will begin by studying a selection of stories that demonstrate the many techniques writers use to create fictional worlds; we'll use these stories as models for writing exercises and short assignments, leading to a full story draft. We will study figurative language, character and setting development, and dramatic structure, among other elements of story craft. Then, each student will submit a full draft and receive feedback from the instructor and his/her classmates. This course is taught entirely online, but retains the feel of a traditional classroom. Optional synchronous elements such as discussion and virtual office hours provide the student direct interaction with both the instructor and his/her classmates. Feedback on written work both offered to and given by the student is essential to the course and creates class rapport.

Course Details

  • Grading Basis: Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
  • Limited Enrollment Details: The creative writing workshops must have a cap of 16 to keep the course at a seminar level and provide a better ratio of students per instructor. Larger classes make it more difficult for students to get the proper input and feedback from the instructor on their writing.
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