American History in Film Since World War II

Course Description

U.S. society, culture, and politics since WW II through feature films. Topics include: McCarthyism and the Cold War; ethnicity and racial identify; changing sex and gender relationships; the civil rights and anti-war movements; and mass media. Films include: The Best Years of Our Lives, Salt of the Earth, On the Waterfront, Raisin in the Sun, Kramer v Kramer, and Falling Down.

Course Details

  • Grading Basis: Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
  • Unit-Range Information: The number of units determines the amount of pages for the two papers. (Paper 1: 3 credits = 1,000 words; 4 credits = 1,500 words; Paper 2: 3 credits = 1, 200 – 1,500 words; 4 credits = 2,000 – 2,200 words.
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