Course Description

Introduction to differential calculus of functions of one variable. Review of elementary functions (including exponentials and logarithms), limits, rates of change, the derivative and its properties, applications of the derivative. You must have taken the math placement diagnostic (offered through the Math Department website) in order to register for this course.

Course Details

  • Intensive Study: College Foundations
  • Enrollment requirements: The Math Placement Diagnostic is required to enroll in the course unless Math 21 or 42 have been completed at Stanford. The Math Placement Diagnostic should not be considered a barrier to enrollment, but is a way for the student to prepare for the course and ensure that they have the prerequisite knowledge. A certain score is not required in order to enroll, simply taking the diagnostic is sufficient.
  • Online Format: Synchronous - This course is taught in real-time, and students are expected to attend virtual sessions at specific times during the week. For more information on the schedule options for this course, please visit the Stanford Explore Courses website.


Math Placement Diagnostic. Precalculus, Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra, and analysis of elementary functions (including Exponentials and Logarithms).

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