Introduction to High Performance Computing Systems

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ME 344 is an introductory course on High Performance Computing Systems, providing a solid foundation in parallel computer architectures, cluster operating systems, and resource management. This course will discuss fundamentals of what an HPC cluster consists of, and how we can take advantage of such systems to solve large scale problems in wide ranging applications like computational fluid dynamics, image processing, machine learning and analytics. You will learn how to take advantage of Open HPC, Intel Parallel Studio, Environment Modules, Containers, Spack, and Cloud-based architectures via lectures, practical hands-on homework assignments, and hands-on laboratory work. While we provide software and supporting libraries to complete homework, you are welcome to bring your own application to learn how to build and make use of it in an HPC, Container, or Cloud-based compute environment. There are no prerequisites for computer programming languages. Many of the tasks involve scripting languages, knowledge of bash, python, or similar is helpful. Group work and collaboration on projects is both allowed and encouraged.

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