Other People's Minds

Course Description

How do we use our understanding of other peoples' minds to explain what they've done and to predict what they will do? Philosophers have mostly paid attention to one specific way that we do this: We identify those desires and beliefs of a person that provide reasons for their acting in a particular way. But one might think that there are also other ways of explaining and predicting a person's behavior. For example, one might appeal to facts about a person's competencies, habits, biases, etc. By thinking philosophically about what kinds of facts these are and about what form of explanation they provide, we can broaden our philosophical understanding of how we explain and predict each other's behavior.

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  • Class Number: 23631
  • 2021 Schedule: MoWe 10:00AM - 11:20AM PDT
  • Online Format - Synchronous: This course is taught in real-time, and students are expected to attend virtual sessions at specific times during the week.

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