Writing About Race and Ethnicity

Course Description

With recent films like "The Man with the Iron Fists 2" and "Sicario," why does Hollywood continue portraying Asians as violent Kung Fu fighters or sinister dragon ladies and Latinos as drug dealers and gangbangers? Beyond stereotypes, how does race and ethnicity influence one's sense of personal identity? How do biracial people choose their ethnic affiliations? How do immigrants become American? What is it like to be bilingual and bicultural? These are all very important questions, and students in this class will have an opportunity to explore them to get a deeper sense of how race and ethnicity matter today in American Society. The variety of readings, videos, and writing assignments we will cover in this class are all designed to train students as critical thinkers and effective writers. Overall, the reading, writing, and presentation skills covered in this class will prepare students for college level classes.

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  • Grading Basis: Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
  • Limited Enrollment Details: Offered only to High School Summer College students.

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