Writing the Persuasive Essay: Analyzing the Science of Shopping

Course Description

Why do some stores draw you in like a magnet and make you want to linger, while others make you yawn? What makes a commercial space look and feel right or wrong for a particular audience? Why do women tend to like shopping more than men? These are the kinds of questions you’ll explore in this course. You’ll write two essays. The first is a rhetorical analysis of a local commercial space of your choice. Our field trip to the Stanford Shopping Center will help you choose a store to analyze. In previous summers, students have analyzed stores ranging from Urban Outfitters to American Girl. For the second essay, you’ll research and write about a topic of your choice related to shopping. Some sample topics include the ethics of sweatshops, GMO labeling, the appropriateness of violence in media (such as video games and songs), digital media piracy, laws to discourage the fashion industry from promoting eating disorders, and the relationship between shopping and race/class/gender.

Course Details

  • Grading Basis: Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
  • Limited Enrollment Details: Offered only to High School Summer College students.

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