Policing: From Precincts to Playgrounds

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Since the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been great national attention on the police. Moreover, stories of supposed police overreach have emerged across a surprisingly wide variety of institutions, ranging from healthcare to education to technology. This course examines the social underpinnings of historical and modern-day policing. We will critically analyze the trends in policing practices in the US through time, and ask how - and to what effect - police have become enmeshed in the social fabric of American life. This class will expose you to some of the methods social scientists use to investigagte society's most pressing issues and help you think critically about policing in America through a look at both popular journalism and rigorous academic research. The emphasis of this class is to leave you with a long-lasting understanding of why the study of social problems, and especially those related to policing, matter. You will be challenged to consider the implications of course content that extend beyond the confines of the classroom to help you become a more aware, informed citizen for your future.

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