2021 Stanford Summer Session Courses

Course Description

Techniques for organizing data, computing, and interpreting measures of central tendency, variability, and association. Estimation, confidence intervals, tests of hypotheses, t-tests, correlation, and regression. Possible topics: analysis of variance and chi-square tests, computer statistical packages.

Course Details

  • Class Numbers:
    • STATS 60 (Undergraduate & High School Students) - 20882
    • STATS 160 (Graduate Students ONLY) - 20883
    • PSYCH 10 (Open to all Summer Session Students) - 18002 
  • 2021 Schedule: MoTuWeTh 10:00AM - 11:00AM PDT
  • Online Format - Synchronous: This course is taught in real-time, and students are expected to attend virtual sessions at specific times during the week.
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