Course Enrollment is Almost Here!

Dear Summer Session Student,

We know how excited you are to select your courses and have provided the following guidelines to assist you, including a video with Course Enrollment Tips. Axess opens for course enrollment on Sunday, April 10 at 12 am PDT.

Course Enrollment Tips

How to Enroll in Courses

    1. You will need to have created your SUNet ID and password and waited 24 hours before you will be able to enroll in courses. If you still need to create your SUNet ID, take a moment to do so today.
    2. Before logging in to Axess, begin your search for courses at the Summer Session website. There are some courses listed within Axess that are not available to you as a visiting student, so be sure not to enroll in a course that is not an approved Summer Session course, as you will be asked to drop it later. Some courses have special enrollment instructions. Make sure to read the course description and course notes on the Summer Session course page.
    3. Information on selecting and enrolling in courses is available on our Registration and Enrollment FAQs page. The Registrar’s Office also provides a helpful tutorial on How to Enroll in Courses using Axess.
    4. When you’re ready, log in to Axess and choose your courses!

Enrollment Requirements

  • All students who have a Stanford-sponsored I-20 or are part of the International Honors Program, must enroll in a minimum of 8 units. The Summer Session Office will monitor enrollment throughout the Summer Quarter to ensure compliance.
  • All students who have accepted a Summer Session Tuition Grant must follow the enrollment requirements for their specific grant. To review the requirements, see step 5. Summer Session Tuition Grant. If you fail to meet the tuition grant requirements by the Final Study List deadline of July 1, the tuition grant will be revoked.
  • Students who do not fit into any of the above categories must enroll in a minimum of 3 units.

Please note that you must enroll in at least one course by June 20 at 5 pm PDT, or you will be assessed a $200 late study list fee. Students will be able to add or drop courses up until the Final Study List deadline of July 1 at 5 pm PDT.

Grading Option and Variable Units

Most courses are offered for a Letter Grade or for an elected Credit/No Credit grading option. Regardless of the grading option chosen, all courses carry academic credit. However, only courses taken for a letter grade will contribute to a student’s GPA. Students who are planning to transfer credit back to their home institutions or are participating in a Summer Intensive program should take all courses for a letter grade. For more information about grading options, see the University’s official Definition of Grades. Students can change their grading option up until July 29 at 5 pm PDT.

Some courses give students the option to choose how many units to take the course for (for example, 3-5 units). Oftentimes, the lower number of units is for Stanford graduate students only. However, in some cases, any student can choose how many units they will earn for a course, and the course workload will vary depending on the number of units chosen. Students planning to transfer credit back to their home institutions should select the highest unit count to transfer the maximum amount of credit possible. Variable-unit courses will have more information about the unit options within the course description.

Have fun enrolling in your courses!


Stanford Summer Session