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FAQs for House Directors (2023)

Is there any flexibility on the start and end dates?

No, the start and end dates are firm. Most HD contracts are for the 8 week housing term (through August 20, 2023). There is the opportunity for one or two HDs to extend their contract for the 10-week housing term (through September 5, 2023). 

Do you provide a travel stipend?

We recognize the importance of travel assistance and balance that with University finance policies. Therefore, we added a travel assistance cost to the overall salary.

What are the accommodations for HDs?

Each HD is assigned a population (high school or university level) and a community or dorm. The HD is provided a private room within their assigned community. Often, this room is a traditional single residence hall room with access to a community-style bathroom, although most assignments have access to a single-occupancy bathroom. HDs are housed in temporary housing in the Bay Area during the ~1.5 week training period.

What professional development opportunities are there for HDs?

HDs can expect regular one-on-one meetings with their direct supervisor, socials with Summer Session professional staff, and professional development sessions with various Stanford staff. Throughout their employment, HDs are supported and challenged to develop their skills and competencies.

What is a typical day like in the life of an HD?

Every day is different. Some days are busier than others. Some activities that are not captured here include attending or shopping for programs, fielding on-call questions or responding to crises, meetings with supervisors, professional development opportunities, serving on summer session conduct committee, attending off campus excursions, etc. Remember, HDs have one day off per week. Here's a sample day.

Time Activity
8am Wake up, get ready
9am Breakfast
10am HD Meeting
12pm Lunch
1pm Administrative tasks (for example - time card approvals, review dorm program proposals, create shopping list, etc)
2pm Meeting with SRA
3pm Meeting with resident
4pm Gym, pool or walk 
5pm Downtime (Start a 24-hr on-call shift)
6pm Dinner with another HD, planning upcoming dance
7pm Meeting Prep (or downtime)
8pm House Meeting (or Staff Meeting)
9pm Downtime
10pm Respond to on-call phone call
11pm Sleep
12am Sleep
2am Respond to student crisis

Can I take a class over the summer?

Yes. In fact, many HDs have a required summer course. You’ll want to make sure that there are no conflicts with peak work times, such as training, Welcome Weekend, and regular evening commitments (e.g. house meeting, staff meeting, programs, etc.).

Do HDs get time off?

The summer is intense and short, so an HD shouldn’t expect multi-day vacations. However, it is important to take a break from work. HDs have one day off per week, time away when sick, and a flexible work schedule.

How will I be paid for overtime?

As exempt staff, House Directors are not eligible for overtime. HDs should expect to work between 40-50 hours per week.

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