Stanford Summer: Live and Learn

LIVE: Housing application now open

Will you live on campus at Stanford this summer? If so, it’s important to begin and submit your application as soon as possible. The housing applicaiton is now open. Priority will be given to students that apply by May 3. Only confirmed students with a Stanford ID number will be eligible to apply for housing.


LEARN: Course enrollment begins April 12

Do you have a class in mind that you really want to take during your summer at Stanford? Beginning April 12, confirmed students will be able to enroll in courses for the summer. Read more to get a taste of some of the courses and programs we are offering to students.

Human Rights Intensive Study Program

Intensify your summer by participating in one of the seven Intensive Study programs we offer, such as the Human Rights Intensive. Upon successful completion of an Intensive, you will earn a Certificate of Completion from the Summer Session office. No additional application is required – simply enroll in the select courses in Axess.

The Human Rights Intensive will continue the discussion of international human rights in the 21st century, considering broad perspectives on what constitutes human rights in an increasingly diverse and global society. In addition to selecting from the courses listed below, students will have the opportunity to attend one or more evening events, including public lectures and film viewings – all offered as part of the Human Rights Intensive.

  • INTNLREL 119: The International Human Rights Movement – Assessing its History, Work and Current Challenges (4 units, required)
  • COMPLIT 57: Human Rights and World Literature (5 units)
  • INTNLREL 140A: International Law and International Relations (5 units)
  • INTNLREL 145: Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention (5 units)
  • POLISCI 33S/RELIGST 35S: Religion, Democracy and Human Rights (3 units)

To read more about our other subject areas, visit the Intensive Studies.

Online Offerings

This summer, there are a few online courses being offered to our confirmed students, including ECON 1V: Principles of Economics and ENGLISH 90V: Fiction Writing.

ECON 1V: Principles of Economics

The economic way of thinking and the functioning of a modern market economy. The behavior of consumers and firms. Markets for goods and inputs. Analysis of macroeconomic variables: output, employment, inflation, interest rate. Determination of long-run growth and short-term fluctuations. The role of government: regulation, monetary, and fiscal policy.

ENGLISH 90V: Fiction Writing

The online version of the Fiction Writing course explores the ways in which writers of fiction have used language to examine the world, to create compelling characters, and to move readers. Students will begin by studying a selection of stories that demonstrate the many techniques writers use to create fictional worlds; they’ll use these stories as models for writing exercises and short assignments, leading to a full story draft. Students will study figurative language, character and setting development, and dramatic structure, among other elements of story craft. Then, each student will submit a full draft and receive feedback from the instructor and his/her classmates. This course is taught entirely online, but retains the feel of a traditional classroom. Optional synchronous elements, such as discussion and virtual office hours, provide the student direct interaction with both the instructor and his/her classmates. Feedback on written work – both offered to and given by the student – is essential to the course and creates class rapport.