One Week In

by Adya Kumar, SSIHP Student

It’s just been a week at Stanford, and I can undoubtedly say that it has been an amazing week. From the moment I landed at SFO – feeling a bit lost and a lot jet lagged from a 12-hour flight from Paris, I couldn’t wait to reach campus.  I did manage to get a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the flight, but frankly I was dying to see the campus – my new home for the next two months.

My name is Adya and I am a summer session student at Stanford University, as part of the SSIHP (Stanford Summer International Honors Program) from HEC Paris School of Management. I am a Master’s student in Business Management, and undertaking the Summer Intensive in International Management at Stanford. My courses include Money and Banking, and Exploring Silicon Valley Language and Culture. I have also teamed my courses with some fun – golf and zumba classes.

So the first day on campus was orientation – talks about visa procedures, academic advising, getting to know the campus, finding classes and more.  I live on campus at Governor Corner’s Independent Houses, with other SSIHP students from different countries and universities. On moving day, we played a little game – we each placed ourselves on the world map, and it was really fun to see how we all came together.  Every evening I sit in the residential lounge with my friends talking about our travels, classes, and experiences. My target is to learn the basic phrases of at least 5 languages by the end of this summer, and all of us participate in this language exchange. My roommate is from Finland. It has been really fascinating discussing the culture, people and language of Finland, over Finnish chocolates. I also came to know that Angry Birds was actually created by a Finnish developer (who knew, right?).Murray Bulletin Board


Since we could choose over 175 courses on campus, it is exciting to know what others are learning in design or biology or computer programming for instance. It really makes you want to use Hermione Granger’s time turner to attend all the courses. The cultural immersion is absolutely incredible, and I only hope that I will make the most out of this summer.  Looking forward to the next two months. Cheers!