Expenses & Fees

Enrollment Details

Students may enroll in courses on Axess beginning April 9, 2017. Tuition charges are based on the number of units enrolled—students are not required to carry a full load during Summer Quarter, and tuition rates begin at 3 units.

NOTE: There may be circumstances that require full-time status, so we recommend that students meet with an academic adviser to discuss their plans before enrolling for Summer Quarter courses.

  • Undergraduate students must be registered for at least 12 units to be considered as full-time students.
  • Graduate students must be registered for at least 8 units to be considered as full-time students. Some departments require a higher minimum enrollment; students are encouraged to confirm this detail independently.
  • Stanford international students are welcome to take courses during the Summer Quarter. Visa guidelines allow students to enroll in 3 or more units of study, as long as they have been fully enrolled during the preceding three quarters and will carry a full-time load during the upcoming Autumn Quarter.

Summer Quarter Expenses

  Undergraduate Graduate
Student Fees
Tuition (based on 3-unit enrollment) $3,156 All Stanford students must enroll in a minimum of 3 units. See the Tuition by Units Chart below for a full breakdown of unit costs. $3,078
Campus Health
Services Fee
$203 Mandatory fee that gives students access to services at Vaden Health Center, including primary care medical services, counseling and psychological services, and health and wellness programs.
Student Fees Total $3,359 $3,281
Estimated Room/Board Fees
Housing (10 weeks for undergrad, 8 weeks for grad) $2,337 - $3,001 Housing costs vary and are determined by housing assignment. For more information, refer to the Housing & Dining page. $1,417 - $3,326
House Dues $75 Mandatory fee for residential students. House dues cover the cost of programs, activities, and events within the residence. $15
Meal Plan (10 weeks,
14 meals/week)
$1,918 All undergraduate students assigned to a residence hall are required to purchase a meal plan, and are automatically assigned to a 14 meals/week dining plan. Students are able to modify this assignment via Axess (costs will change accordingly). Graduate and commuting students can purchase a meal plan if they desire. For more information, refer to the Housing & Dining page. 0
Telecom Fee $67 Mandatory fee for residential students, which covers the costs of telephone and internet service in each room.
Room/Board Total $4,397 - $5,061 $1,499 - $3,408
Additional/Optional Fees and Expenses
Parking Permit (optional) $63 Parking permits are required to park on campus during the day. A selection of permit classifications is available to fit individual needs. The average parking permit costs about $60 for eight weeks. For more information, visit the Parking and Transportation Services website.
Books and Supplies
(3 units, estimated)
$150 Cost varies by course selection and number of units enrolled. Textbooks can be purchased in person or online at the Stanford Bookstore, generally two weeks prior to the start of the quarter.

Tuition by Units Chart

  Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Engineering
Number of Units  
1, 2, 3 Units$3,156$3,078$3,279
4 Units$4,208$4,104$4,372
5 Units$5,260$5,130$5,465
6 Units$6,312$6,156$6,558
7 Units$7,364$7,182$7,651
8 Units$8,416$10,260$10,930
9 Units$9,468$10,260$10,930
10 Units$10,520$10,260$10,930
11 Units$11,572$15,777$16,808
12 Units$15,777$16,808
13 Units$15,777$16,808
14 Units$15,777$16,808
15 Units$15,777$16,808
16 Units$15,777$16,808
17 Units$15,777$16,808
18 Units$15,777$16,808
19 Units$15,777$16,829$17,929
20 Units$15,777$17,881$19,050

Scholarships and Financial Aid

During the Summer Quarter, Stanford’s need-based scholarship funds are only available to Stanford matriculated students who have missed a standard quarter of the same academic year, or those who will graduate at the end of summer. Other students generally receive financial aid in the form of loans and job eligibility.

NOTE: Summer enrollment counts toward the 12 quarters of undergraduate enrollment that the Financial Aid Office uses to determine eligibility for Stanford scholarship funds – even if no scholarship funds are awarded for Summer Quarter. For more information, visit Stanford’s Financial Aid website.