Housing & Dining

Housing Information

Housing costs vary based on length of contract and type of housing. Stanford students may live in housing without registering for courses, although space is limited and priority is given to students enrolled in courses (rates are subject to change). To learn more, refer to the Summer Housing website.

Summer Housing + Interim for Single Undergraduate Stanford Students:

Contract Term Residence Halls Apartments
Ten Weeks: 
June 16 – September 5* $2,978 $3,330

*Students who have a Spring Quarter contract will not have a gap between their Spring and Summer contracts. For these students, Summer contracts will begin June 16, 2017, though students may not move into their summer location until a later date.


Summer Housing + Interim for Single Graduate Stanford Students:

Contract Term Cost Determined by Housing Assignment (Price Range Shown)
June 24 – August 20* $1,417 – $3,326

*Only students who are continuing for the next year may request a contract that extends to September 3, 2017. Other Summer contract terms are available, contact Summer Housing for details. 

Dining Information

All undergraduate students with an on-campus housing assignment are required to purchase a meal plan, unless they are housed in Mirrielees or the Oak Creek apartments. Graduate students and commuting students may purchase a dining plan if they desire, but it is not required. Information regarding Stanford dining plans is available online at the Dining Services website.

The following table provides a summary of estimated meal plan costs for Summer Quarter residential students (rates are subject to change):

Summer Meal Plans

Meals Per Week Ten-Week Session
19 $2,002
14 $1,918
12 $2,002 (+112 MPD*)
7 $1,785 (+330 MPD*)

*MPD = Meal Plan Dollars. Refer to the Dining Services website for information on how and where to use Meal Plan Dollars.