Expenses & Fees

NOTE: Stanford determines if a student is an undergraduate or graduate student based on the level of education they’ve completed. All students who have earned their bachelor’s degree, even if they are not enrolled in a graduate program, will be considered graduate students by the University, charged the graduate tuition rate, and will only be eligible for housing within graduate residences.

  Undergraduate Graduate
Student Fees
Application Fee (billed by Summer Session) $75* Mandatory fee, non-refundable. The Summer Session Office does not accept application fee waivers.

*Fee amount varies, depending on application period.
Tuition (based on 8 unit enrollment) $8,416 Students must enroll in a minimum of 3 units. All international students with a Stanford-sponsored I-20 must enroll in a minimum of 8 units. See the Tuition by Units Chart below for a full breakdown of unit costs. $10,260
Document Fee $125 One-time mandatory fee charged to all students (except students who are returning to Stanford and have previously paid the Document Fee). This fee offsets the cost of maintaining student records, processing transcript requests, and other registration related services.
Campus Health
Services Fee
$203 Mandatory fee that gives students access to services at Vaden Health Center, including primary care medical services, counseling and psychological services, and health and wellness programs.
Student Fees Total $8,819 $10,663
Estimated Room/Board Fees
Housing (8 weeks, average) $2,087 Housing costs vary and are determined by housing assignment. For more information, refer to the Housing & Dining page. $2,307
House Dues $75 Mandatory fee for residential students. House dues cover the cost of programs, activities, and events within the residence. $15
Meal Plan (8 weeks,
14 meals/week)
$1,503 All undergraduate students assigned to a residence hall are required to purchase a meal plan, and are automatically assigned to a 14 meals/week dining plan. Students are able to modify this assignment via Axess (costs will change accordingly). Graduate and commuting students can purchase a meal plan if they desire. For more information, refer to the Housing & Dining page. 0
Technology Services Fee $67 Mandatory fee for residential students, which covers the costs of telephone and internet service in each room.
Room/Board Total $3,732 $2,389
Additional/Optional Fees and Expenses
I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant F-1 Student Status) Fee (billed by Summer Session) $100 Mandatory, non-refundable fee for international students requiring a Stanford-sponsored I-20. This fee offsets the cost of generating and shipping the I-20.
Health Insurance Fee (waived with proof of alternate coverage) $1,242 All students enrolled in courses at Stanford are required to have health insurance. The University will automatically enroll students in Stanford’s Cardinal Care health insurance plan and charge $1,242 for the Summer Quarter. However, students can waive this fee with proof of alternate coverage. See the FAQs page for instructions.
Parking Permit (optional) $63 Parking permits are required to park on campus during the day. A selection of permit classifications is available to fit individual needs. The average parking permit costs about $63 for eight weeks. For more information, visit the Parking and Transportation Services website.
Post Office Box Fee (optional) $20 Stanford does not have mail and package delivery service to undergraduate student residences. Undergraduate students who wish to receive mail via USPS during the summer will need to rent a Post Office Box at the U.S. Post Office, conveniently located on campus. Graduate students will be able to receive mail at their residence.
Books and Supplies
(8 units, estimated)
$450 Cost varies by course selection and number of units enrolled. Textbooks can be purchased in person or online at the Stanford Bookstore, generally two weeks prior to the start of the quarter.
Silicon Valley Innovation Academy (SVIA) (optional) $1,200 for Enterprise
$600 for Explore
The Silicon Valley Innovation Academy (SVIA) is an intense, hands-on immersion in the culture of Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the practice of the lean start-up methodology. For more information, visit the Silicon Valley Innovation Academy website.

Tuition by Units Chart

NOTE: All international students who require an I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant F-1 Student Status) sponsored by Stanford must enroll in a minimum of 8 units. The Summer Session Office will monitor student enrollment throughout the quarter to ensure compliance.

  Undergraduate Graduate
Number of Units  
8 Units$8,416$10,260
9 Units$9,468$10,260
10 Units$10,520$10,260
11 Units$11,572$15,777
12 Units$15,777
13 Units$15,777
14 Units$15,777
15 Units$15,777
16 Units$15,777
17 Units$15,777
18 Units$15,777
19 Units$15,777$16,829
20 Units$15,777$17,881

University Billing Information

Stanford University handles all billing for Summer Session. Students who register for courses by May 15, 2017 will receive their first University Bill on or around May 20, 2017. Statements are delivered digitally through Axess. Additional information describing the entire billing process, and available methods of payment, is available at the FAQs page.

Financial Aid

The Stanford Financial Aid Office is not able to award financial aid to Summer Quarter students who are not enrolled in degree programs at Stanford. At this time, there is no financial assistance available for international students who wish to attend Summer Session.