Who Should Apply?

SVIA has two programs with varying levels of time commitment and dedication. Students should read more below about both programs to determine which program is the best fit.


Students must be admitted to Stanford Summer Session and enroll in courses to be eligible to participate in SVIA. Also, it is important to realize the time commitment involved. Successful participants in SVIA Enterprise will expect to spend about 50 hours of hands-on time with the program plus additional time spent on your team’s project. This experience will take up much of your free time and in order to get the most of the program you should be ready for a level of commitment that demonstrates passion, desire, and competitive drive.

There are several roles a student can play in SVIA Enterprise that require a variety of skill sets. A student may bring skills to more than one area on a team. A successful team will have students with a variety of skill sets that address every need of a startup. No prior experience is necessary, but a willingness to navigate a new and exciting process is a must-have.

Which team player are you?

The Entrepreneur
This student has a great idea or part of an idea that they want help developing and executing. She/he is willing to pitch the idea to the larger group to recruit a team. A strong leader (with or without their own idea) who can manage project tasks, delegate, organize and manage team members in productive ways.
Depending on project needs, teams may also need students to support and lead in the following areas:

All SVIA Enterprise applicants should have a passionate interest in active learning in one or more of the following areas:



Students must be admitted to Stanford Summer Session and enroll in courses to be eligible to participate in SVIA. Students in the Explore program will dedicate approximately 25 hours throughout the summer towards SVIA. If a student is simply interested in seeing some of the startup landscape and meeting successful entrepreneurs and innovators, this program is just right.

Even though the Explore program does not consist of Lean Startup workshops or the team building of a Minimum Viable Product, students in the Explore program should still have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and a drive to learn more about what Silicon Valley is producing for the world.