Welcome Stanford Summer Global Ambassadors!

We are so excited to help you share your Stanford Summer experiences with your friends and peers at your home institutions!

Ambassador Requirements

Below is a table of this year’s ambassador requirements. Ambassadors must complete all 10 requirements listed between December 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016, in order to receive their honorarium payment. Honorarium payments will be processed at the end of April 2016.

Ambassador Requirements


What’s Changed for Summer 2016?
  1. Become well-acquainted with program changes for Summer 2016
Personal Engagement
  1. Spend 5-7 hours personally promoting Stanford Summer Session at a table, campus event, presentation, or other outlet of your choice (unless specifically indicated from SS Marketing Department)
  • Must indicate the events you are planning to participate in through the SSGA Events Form
  • Submit photos of your attendance within 1 week of the event occurring in your “Personal Engagement” folder on Box
  1. Connect with someone from your university’s Career Center, and work out a plan of how they can assist you in your promotional efforts
  • Examples: Hanging Summer Session posters in their office, asking them to refer you as someone students can ask questions about Stanford Summer Session, etc.
  • Provide detailed agreement in an email to your connection, and CC Erin
On-Campus Posting
  1. Distribute the postcards, flyers, and posters provided to you around your campus
  • Submit photos of at least 3 placements in your “On-Campus Posting” folder on Box BEFORE Friday, January 15, 2015
Social Media
  1. Provide the Stanford Summer Marketing Department permission to “follow” you on either Instagram and/or Twitter, and allow us to re-share/post/tweet your Stanford Summer-related content on Stanford Summer’s Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter accounts
  • All Facebook posts related to Stanford Summer must be set to public
  • Please supply account info through the SSGA Social Media Form BEFORE Friday, December 4, 2015
  1. Post 8-10 times on social media about your personal experience at Stanford this summer
  • Examples: Throwback Thursday (#TBT), Flashback Friday (#FBF), writing a blog post and sharing it through social media, etc.
  1. Re-post/share/tweet Stanford Summer content at least 6 times regarding updates on the Summer Session website/application process.
  • MANDATORY: Must re-post, share, and/or tweet opening and closing of 3 application periods (Early, Priority, and General) within 1 week of date
  • Reminders will be sent in SSGA Facebook group about the opening and closing dates for each application period
  1. Incorporate the following hashtags into your social media posts: #MySummerAtStanford, #StanfordSS, #StanfordSummer, #SSGA2016, and tag us on each of your social media posts completed for requirements #6 and #7 (see Important Links for a list of Stanford Summer’s social media accounts)
  • Must use these tags and hashtags, as this is how we will track your social media efforts
  1. Share your Stanford Summer experience with your university’s media (campus newspaper, newsletter, official or unofficial blog, student portal, etc.)
  • Example: Refer to the SSGA Facebook group files to see screenshots of former SSGA’s article in his university’s student portal (Niels_Groningen_1, Niels_Groningen_2)
  1. Provide leads to the Stanford Summer Marketing Department via the 2016 Interest Form
  • See Important Links below to view form

To aid you in your promotional efforts, we will provide you with the following:

  • Postcards, flyers, and posters for you to distribute
  • Tablecloth and other Stanford Summer display items for your tabling efforts
  • Stanford promotional materials, pens, and t-shirts to share with friends
  • Some cool Stanford SWAG, just for you!

Below you’ll find additional resources and links to use during your marketing efforts. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Sarmiento.


Important Links