Intramural Sports

By Gabrielle Ming Jie Tang

One of the best parts of this summer has most definitely been the intramural sports or "IMs" for short. My best friends and I formed a 4x4 beach volleyball team dubbed the "Atro-cities". We've had a blast learning how to work with our skills and weaknesses and it has been great to practice and play with so many different groups of people. Although we took a 3-25 lost against our wonderful mentors, we like to believe that what we lacked in skill, we made up with our style as we even went to Target to get matching outfits.

So far there has been inter-dorm Dodgeball and Kickball tournaments too. I had so much fun playing Kickball for the first t me and it was an added bonus to play with the best team ever! (GO, Alondra!). Huge kudos to the referees for always making sure our games are super safe and super fun!

IMs are just one of many great activities that you can take part in during the Summer Session. From tye-dyeing shirts to dances to movie nights, there is bound to be something for everyone!

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