Summer 2020 FAQs

What courses will be offered?

We want to ensure a fantastic virtual experience this summer. To that end, we’ve worked to identify and adapt courses to offer an optimal online experience, including some quintessentially Stanford courses that have never been offered in the summer before. Summer Session will continue to offer Intensives—cohort programs that help students dive deep into an area of interest. Intensive requirements and offerings will change to leverage unique online components, but they will still offer a Document of Completion to mark your accomplishment over the summer.

What academic support services will be available this summer?

Our Summer Academic Resource Center (SARC) will also transition to a virtual format. SARC provides tutoring, academic advising, and academic workshops for all students enrolled in Summer Quarter, including additional support for high school students. Tutors are Stanford undergraduate and graduate students that have taken the courses that you will be taking this summer. Academic Advisors are available to meet with you to discuss course selection and requirements, academic deadlines, and any questions related to your academic goals and intellectual interests. Tutors and Academic Advisors also lead weekly academic workshops on a variety of topics. The SARC schedule, as well instructions for how to register for tutoring and advising, will be published on our website in mid-June. Visiting students can also connect with pre-summer advisors via email to discuss course selection and enrollment starting in late April.

When does enrollment open?

Enrollment is now open! We encourage all prospective students to submit their application soon to allow more time to plan your schedule and enroll in courses.

How will online Summer Session courses be graded?

Online Summer Session courses will be graded according to the University grading system. When enrolling in courses, students will see the grading basis listed for each course in Axess. Grading options include “Letter,” “Letter or Credit/No Credit,” and “Satisfactory/No Credit.” Courses offered as “Letter or Credit/No Credit” provide students with the option to receive a letter grade, or a mark of “CR” or “NC” on their official transcript. Students have until the change of grading basis deadline to select the option that’s right for them. Please note that all courses provide academic credit, regardless of grading basis. However, some students prefer taking courses for a letter grade, when offered, as an indication of their performance in class. If the course’s grading basis is “Satisfactory/No Credit,” there is no letter grade option available.

Will there be ways to connect with other Summer Session students outside of class?

We’re excited to be developing unique programming that will encourage students to engage with each other in our online environment. If you participate in an Intensive, you'll interact with a cohort of students with shared academic interests. In workshops at the Summer Academic Resource Center, you'll hone your academic skills alongside other Summer Session students and with the support of current Stanford students. And you'll have opportunities to interact socially—in virtual meet-ups and activities organized by the Student Life team, as well as by forming connections with like-minded people with shared interests across the globe.

Have the application process and deadlines changed?

The application process remains the same, although international students are not required to obtain an F-1 Student Visa to attend Summer Session. We have extended our application deadline to June 10 for all students.

Are there minimum credit requirements for International or high school students?

All visiting students will be required to maintain a minimum of three units for Summer 2020.

Will the tuition change now that Summer Session is online?

Every student who participates in Summer Session will receive a Stanford transcript. Although there is no program fee this summer, Stanford’s tuition per unit will remain the same for Summer Quarter. For more information regarding the cost of our program, please see our Tuition & Fees.

How have the health insurance requirements changed now that there is not a residential offering?

Since Summer Session will be online-only this year, students are not expected to be on campus for any reason. Therefore, students will not be charged for Cardinal Care health insurance nor the Campus Health Services fee on their university bill. 

Will special considerations be made to the refund policy if I no longer wish to attend this summer?

Students who choose to withdraw from Stanford Summer Session this summer will receive a full refund of the program fee they paid to Stanford Summer Session at the time they accepted their offer of admission. Please note that the U.S. government will not issue refunds for SEVIS fees or for non-immigrant visa fees; the I-20 Processing Fee is non-refundable as it was used to process your visa documentation for generating your Stanford sponsored I-20. Confirmed Summer Session students who have paid the program fee to reserve their place and who have now chosen to cancel will also be offered the opportunity to apply for next year’s program using our abbreviated application. If you have questions related to your specific application, please contact the Summer Session Office directly.

I am an incoming Stanford student. Can I start my studies early by attending courses with Summer Session?

A student who will be entering the University in the Autumn Quarter as a new full-time Stanford first-year or transfer student cannot enroll in Summer Quarter courses. Incoming graduate students should contact their department directly.

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