Stanford 2 to 4: a Veteran's Accelerator

Stanford 2 to 4 is in the news. Click here for more. 

Stanford Summer Session is excited to launch an all inclusive scholarship opportunity for Military Veterans in community college who are headed to a 4-year degree.

The 8-week program (June 21 – Aug 17, 2014) aims to partner with and build on a Veteran’s vast experience with a goal to provide important academic skills needed to thrive in a competitive 4-year university.

Academic Credits

Course work will be selected in partnership with the Associate Dean and Director and consist of a Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) class and one other course based on interest and focus. You will earn Stanford University credits that can be used in pursuit of a 4-year degree.


Receive individualized academic advising which will include not only “how to” skills on transferring and college admissions but also collaborative learning on how to bring your military experience and skill set to succeed academically and to elevate the discourse within the traditional academic environment.


Live on campus and take advantage of the co-curricular and social programs that are designed specifically for you to compliment your academic experience.

Application Details

Up to 20 student Veterans will be selected for admission to the program. In order to be considered for admission, please complete the application before April 4, 2014 at 1700 PST.

How to Apply

The application is now closed.

Program contact: Jess Matthews, Associate Dean and Director, Summer Session

*The scholarship program will cover all expenses including tuition and fees, private bedroom accommodations in a shared suite, a 14 meal per week dining plan and a $400 book stipend.