High School Parents & Guardians

Welcome Parents and Guardians!

High School Summer College gives high-achieving and mature High School students the opportunity to enroll as visiting undergraduate students at Stanford University over the summer. The application process mirrors many aspects of the Common Application and provides you the opportunity to learn some of the ins and outs of having a student navigate the college journey. We understand that this process can be just as new and intimidating for you as it is for your student!

High School Summer College will be a very different experience for students and parents/guardians in comparison to high school, summer camp, or academic enrichment programs. Students take on the majority of responsibilities during the process including: submitting and monitoring the status of their applications, keeping up with dates and deadlines, and communicating billing information to their parents and guardians. Moreover, once students are accepted and confirmed into the program, our communications with parents become limited as we are constrained by state and federal law. We understand that this process can be confusing and may even seem contradictory at times, especially for those parents and guardians for whom this may be your student's first college experience.

The goal of the Stanford Summer Session office is to partner with parents, guardians, and families to set students up for success, while at the same time giving students the opportunity to take the first steps toward becoming independent, self-advocating undergraduates and to acquire the growth and skills that accompany the transformative undergraduate experience. 

Summer Session 2020 is on! We will use virtual learning, rather than in-person classes for Summer 2020.

The University has announced that Summer Session 2020 will be online-only as it is not feasible to proceed with on-campus residential programs this summer. For more details on this decision, please see Stanford University Provost Persis Drell’s April 2 update. Please find more information on this summer's program here.

Please note that the information below pertains to the typical Summer Session program and may not apply for 2020.

We hope this page provides useful information and resources to help guide you through each step and to ensure we can work together to support your student successfully.

We have divided the page into five sections. Please click on each section name to jump to that section.

Before Your Student Applies
During the Application Process
Once Your Student is Admitted
Once Your Student is Confirmed
After the Program
Common Questions from Parents and Guardians

Before Your Student Applies

Here are a few useful pages on our website to further your understanding of High School Summer College:

*Please note that courses for the current year will not be finalized until March; courses listed on this page prior to that date are representative only and may not be available this summer! 

During the Application Process

Students are responsible for completing their application. When questions or concerns arise, we highly recommend that students—rather than parents/guardians—contact our office.

Below are links to help you and your student with the application process:

Once Your Student is Admitted

Please be aware that reaching Admitted/Accepted status does NOT guarantee the student a place in the program. Space is limited, and although we have many qualified applicants, we can confirm only a limited number of students. Once a student reaches Admitted status, time is of the essence. Students and parents are given 3 weeks to finish their acceptance process, and we strongly encourage students and parents/guardians to complete this process quickly. The student's space is not secured until the entire acceptance process has been completed and they have received a Stanford ID number. 

Once Your Student is Confirmed

Once students are confirmed as High School Summer College students, they will receive a Stanford ID number, will set up their student account, and will be able to use a Stanford email in Axess.  From this point, we begin to communicate most information only to the students, as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Students are responsible for providing their parents/guardians with important information. Please refer to the University's policy regarding the privacy of student records. Students will also begin to interact with multiple offices around campus at this point, as each office handles a different part of student enrollment. Most interaction takes place through Stanford’s Axess or through emails sent to the student’s new Stanford email account. Please encourage your student to check their Stanford email regularly; important communications will be sent to this address only. 

Students use Axess to:

Per University policy and FERPA regulations, only the student has access to the University bill initially. If you need access to view and pay the bill, the student will need to set up an Authorized Payer account for you. Please note that Stanford University offices, including the Stanford Summer Session office, will not be able to speak with you about your student’s bill unless you are listed as an Authorized Payer.

If questions or concerns arise during the summer, you may need to reach out to a particular office on campus. We encourage your student to advocate for themselves by contacting these offices directly.

After the Program

At the end of the program, students will receive additional information regarding how to prepare for move-out from the residential halls, how to request their transcripts, and how to forward emails from their Stanford email address after its deactivation. Below are some of the information shared with your students via their Summer Session Student Portal. We hope this information will be helpful to you as you prepare for your student's departure with them.

Common Questions from Parents and Guardians

  • What do we need to prepare for the arrival to campus?
    Useful packing lists and tips as well as other helpful information to make your student’s transition easier can be found on the student's MySummer page. A copy of the packing list can also be found here. This resource page will be made available to students after they have been confirmed into the program and have received their Stanford ID. Emails will also be sent to parents with important information on check in locations, times, and instructions. 

  • Are students required to be vaccinated?
    Upon being confirmed into the program, students will be required to upload their immunization records to the Vaden Health Center. For information on required vaccinations, please refer to the Vaden Health Center website. 
  • My student has a health condition that may require continued medical care. What services does Stanford provide?
    Vaden Health Center offers services to all High School Summer College students. However, issues requiring additional attention may be referred to other providers in the surrounding area. It is important to establish a transition plan with your student before arriving. Your healthcare provider may offer a phone number for your student to call for teleconsultation. We strongly recommend working with your insurance company and healthcare providers to identify healthcare professionals near Stanford in case of emergencies that can provide continuance of care. Visit the Vaden Health Center website for additional information.

  • Does Stanford Summer Session provide academic support?
    Yes! Stanford Summer Session operates the Summer Academic Resource Center (SARC) which provides tutoring services and academic advising to visiting students over the summer. SARC specifically supports Stanford undergraduate and graduate courses, and so unfortunately this does not extend to such topics as high school courses or SAT prep. Please visit the Academic Support website for more information about SARC.

  • What other resources do students have access to?
    Students confirmed into High School Summer College are considered visiting undergraduates over the summer, and so they have access to many of the on-campus resources and facilities open to Stanford students during the year including the Vaden Health Center, the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the Confidential Support Team (CST), the libraries, and any one of the athletic facilities. You can review more information on the Campus Resources website.

  • My student would like to leave campus for the day/night. What is the procedure?
    Residential High School students are not allowed to leave campus, either for the day or overnight, with parents or other non-Stanford affiliates for the first two weeks of the program. This is to ensure that they are able to integrate into the Stanford community and get to know their fellow dorm and classmates. After July 3, 2020, parents can fill out the appropriate travel request forms to excuse students from campus and to allow our residential staff to stay informed of their location. Please check your email after the beginning of the program for more information and links to the travel forms. Commuting High School students do not need to fill out these forms. 

  • There has been a change in our plans. How does my student withdraw from the program?
    If situations arise and your student is unable to attend High School Summer College after they have been confirmed, it is the student’s responsibility to complete an Withdrawal/Annulment form and to monitor their student record and University bill in order to ensure all charges and credits are properly applied. Once their Course Enrollment has been removed, students need to cancel their housing assignment with Student Housing and continue to monitor their tuition bill in Axess. Refunds are typically processed and sent after the Summer Quarter has ended. For refund details, please contact Student Financial Services.

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