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Program Details

Stanford Summer Session's Veteran Accelerator program is a full-scholarship opportunity for US military veterans in their first two years of study and are headed towards a four-year degree or beyond.

The eight-week program (June 20–August 16, 2020) builds upon a veteran's significant military experience to further develop important academic, professional, and personal skills needed to thrive at a four-year institution.

Academic Credit

Veteran Accelerator students enroll in 7 to 9 units of coursework, which includes PWR 6VT and at least one other academic course. You may take no more than one, 1-unit Physical Education course.

  • PWR 6VT (required): All Veteran Accelerator students must enroll in the PWR 6VT writing and rhetoric course, which is designed to build upon the skills and knowledge you have gained from a first-year writing course and advance your academic writing and research skills. Please note that PWR 6VT does not satisfy the PWR 1 requirement for Stanford matriculated students.
    • Units: 4
    • Grading Option: For a letter grade only
  • Student-selected academic course (required): In partnership with the Program Director, this student-selected course is meant to help you explore your interests, intended major, or an area of study you want to learn. 
    • Units: Varies by the course; read the course description for units
    • Grading Option: Varies by the course. For more information about courses with an Optional Grading Basis, please familiarize yourself with the University's grading system.
  • Physical Education course (optional): Stanford Summer Session offers several physical education courses for one unit that are graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory scale. 
    • Units: 1
    • Grading Option: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory

You can earn Stanford University credit that may be used in pursuit of a two-year or four-year degree at other institutions. However, Stanford Summer Session cannot guarantee that credits earned will transfer. You must check with your home or future home institution(s) to determine if the credit will transfer. Many universities require an official transcript and possibly a course syllabus to transfer units. 

Advising and Support

The Summer Academic Resource Center (SARC) is available to all students throughout the summer for academic advising, tutoring, and workshops. Academic advisors assist students with course selection, selecting and changing of grading options, and much more. Tutoring and workshops are available in most subject areas. Many students in the program use SARC resources to improve their writing and to get support in their academic courses. 

In addition, the Veteran Accelerator program plans speakers from both university and military backgrounds to share their knowledge and expertise with students in the program. Topics of discussion include academic skills, communication in a college setting, transferring to top collegiate institutions, career development, and networking.

Engagement and Residential Experience

The Veteran Accelerator program encourages you to make the most of your time on campus. Aside from academic obligations, you will commit a considerable amount of time to program-specific activities. You are required to go to most of the Veteran Accelerator events that are planned throughout the summer. You are also required to live on campus, where you will reside with other students in the program. Your spouse or other family members are not permitted to reside within this residence. Academic, professional, and social events are planned to support your development and are designed to complement your in-classroom experience. It is also encouraged for you to sign up for off-campus excursions planned by Stanford Summer Session that allow for hands-on exploration of the Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Program Requirements

Admission is a selective process, and applications are reviewed in accordance to the Application Deadlines listed in the Admissions section. Students will be evaluated as a group with final admission offers distributed after the application closes. All applicants are required to complete an online Veteran Accelerator application. 

To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • Have graduated from high school or secondary school or equivalent.
  • Have not graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Have completed nine units of college level courses prior to applying (Military transcripts, such as a Joint Service Transcript) are not included in this 9 units.
  • IF YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER: Be able to verify fluency in the English language, using one of the methods described in the English Language Proficiency section.

Additional notes about program eligibility:

  • Because the Veteran Accelerator program is built specifically to support veterans navigate important transitions into higher education, children of military veterans are not eligible.
  • You are expected to dedicate all eight weeks towards Stanford Summer Session and the Veteran Accelerator program. Please carefully consider applying to the program if you foresee potential obligations that will require you to leave campus during the program. 
  • If you are considering applying to Stanford as a transfer or graduate student, please note that Veteran Accelerator is an opportunity to learn more about Stanford and to build community and belonging within the cohort. In keeping with this philosophy, incoming matriculated Stanford students are not eligible for the Veteran Accelerator program. If you are accepted to the Veteran Accelerator program and are also applying to transfer to Stanford please understand that if you are admitted to Stanford University, you must notify Summer Session and withdraw from the Veteran Accelerator program.

When submitting an online Veteran Accelerator application, students are expected to provide:

  • An unofficial transcript for all colleges or universities attended after service.
  • DD-214 (Member-4)
    • Typically your DD-214 is mailed soon after you complete your final outprocessing or you may receive it on the final day prior to leaving base.

    • You can also retrieve a copy of your DD214 via eBenefits.

      • If you have not received your DD-214 yet, please send us an email.
  • Contact information for one recommender.
  • Short personal statements in response to a specific questions.
  • International students may be required to supply a TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge Exam Score.

For more information, visit the Admissions section in the main menu.

University Billing and Payment

Program-covered costs include: tuition, on-campus housing, and a 19-meal/week meal plan. Students are also given a $500 stipend to help cover the costs of textbooks and course fees. Any incidentals (i.e. damage to a residence hall dorm room, lost library book, etc.) will be paid by the student.

*Textbooks and course fees will likely first need to be covered by the student. The $500 stipend will be issued as a reimbursement from the program.

Using the GI Bill/ Vocational Rehabilitation

While the Stanford Veteran Accelerator program covers costs associated with participating in the program, you might be considering using Veteran benefits during the summer. A few common questions are addressed below. These FAQs are based on a student who is enrolled full-time (8 units). The University's Office of Military-Affiliated Communities (OMAC) processes Veteran educational benefits and counsels students on the details associated with using benefits during the Veteran Accelerator program.
Am I eligible to use the GI Bill during the Veteran Accelerator program?
You are eligible if you are pursuing a degree at another college or university.
If I use the GI Bill during the Veteran Accelerator program, how many days of the GI Bill will I have used?
Classes start June 22, 2020 and the last day of finals is August 15, 2020. Five days in June, the full month of July, and 17 days in August would be used.
How much would my BAH stipend rate be?
The BAH is the same as the rate for an E-5 with dependents, which is $4200 per month. The stipend is prorated for 5 days in June and 17 days in August.
What documents do I need to provide the Office of Military-Affiliated Communities (OMAC)  at Stanford to receive my GI Bill benefits?

  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • A copy of the student’s DD 214 with SSN
  • Complete the Stanford "Rights and Responsibilities" web form for GI Bill beneficiary students
  • Transient letter (parent school letter) from school’s certifying official sent directly to OMAC 

What documents do I need to provide the Office of Military-Affiliated Communities (OMAC) at Stanford to receive my Vocational Rehabilitation benefits?
VA 28-1905 from your VR&E Counselor emailed directly from the counselor to OMAC.

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