Summer Online for Current Stanford Students

Facilitated by the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), degree-seeking undergraduate Stanford students can take a select set of courses remotely this summer.

Please note that the information below is regarding 2019 Summer Online courses. Please check back at a later date for 2020 updates and information.



Approved 2019 Summer Online Course List

Click on a course title below to view the course description in Explore Courses.

IMPORTANT: Restrictions may apply, and enrollment is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from SCPD that space is available. Please confirm with your major department and advisor that taking any one of the courses listed below will satisfy a requirement for your program of study.



Registering for Summer Online Courses and Setting Up a mystanfordconnection Account

  1. Check the approved list of courses that can be taken remotely this summer. No other SCPD or Summer Quarter courses will be considered.
  2. Log in to Axess, and add your selected course(s) to your Axess study list.

    NOTE: This does not guarantee enrollment in the course as space is limited for taking the course remotely. SCPD will confirm your spot once you complete the remaining steps.



  3. Create a mystanfordconnection account via the SCPD website student login page.

    Choose the “New User” option by selecting “Create a Free Account”.

    mystanfordconnection Welcome


  4. Complete each section with the requested information (i.e. contact information).
  5. Create a Username and Password.
    • a. It is very important to remember your username and password for future use.
    • b. It is suggested that you check the availability of your selected username.
    • c. Your password must be a minimum of seven (7) characters and contain both alpha and numeric characters.
  6. Once you have created an account, please email the following information to
    • Full name
    • Primary email (used to create the account)
    • SUID
    • Study location
    • Summer Online course(s)
    An SCPD coordinator will add the course to your mystanfordconnection account or inform you if it has reached capacity.



Accessing Your Summer Online Courses

  1. Log in to your mystanfordconnection account. After logging in, you will be able to access your course materials securely from this site.

    mystanfordconnection Login


  2. The dashboard of your account will display the Summer Online course(s) you are registered to take remotely. You can view the course by selecting “Online Videos.”
    • Upon clicking on the course video, the Terms and Conditions page will load. Click on “I Agree.”

    mystanfordconnection Current Courses


  3. Once the course page loads, click on the “Watch Now” button to view your course lectures.

    mystanfordconnection Course Page




Understanding the Role of an Exam Monitor and Nominating/Setting Up Your Exam Monitor in Your mystanfordconnection Account

If you are registered for a Summer Online course, you will need to have a dedicated exam monitor to handle the logistics and invigilation of your exams.

Understanding the Role of an Exam Monitor

Please review the Exam Monitor Responsibilities listed on the SCPD website prior to setting up an exam monitor in your mystanfordconnection account.

Nominating/Setting Up Your Exam Monitor in Your mystanfordconnection Account

  1. Log in to your mystanfordconnection account.

    mystanfordconnection Welcome


  2. Once logged in, select “Exam Monitors” located on the right-side menu.

    mystanfordconnection Exam Monitor


  3. Click on the "Nominate a New Monitor" button and provide the requested information.

    mystanfordconnection Exam Monitor


  4. Once an exam monitor has been submitted and approved, their name will appear on the Exam Monitor page. Select the checkbox next to the exam monitor's name that you will be using for your exams, then click ”Save Changes.”
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