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Enrollment will open on Monday, April 10 at 9 p.m. PDT. Apply now for the best chance to enroll in your preferred courses.

Stanford Students

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Summer Quarter on Campus

Lighten your course load for the year ahead or create space to focus on one subject. Half of our students are current Stanford students—many working an internship or participating in athletics training while taking a Summer Session course. You won't need to apply, just enroll in courses directly in Axess. 

Many Summer Session courses fulfill General Education requirements. Some of the most popular from Summer 2022 included PWR 1 and 2 courses as well as

  • Ways – AII: CLASSICS 31, COMPLIT 107, ENGLISH 90, FILMEDIA 4S, URBANST 27Q, and more
  • Ways – AQR: CS 109, CME 106, DATASCI 154, ENGR 10, STATS 60, STATS 110, and more
  • Ways – CE: ARTSTUDI 173S, ENGLISH 9CE, MUSIC 65AS, DANCE 48, and more
  • Ways – FR: CS 103, CS 161, CME 100, CME 106, MATH 104, PHIL 50S, SYMSYS 1, and more
  • Ways – SI: ANTHRO 1S, COMM 101S, POLISCI 1Z, POLISCI 101Z, INTNLREL 145, and more

Information about the Stanford Summer Fellows Program, including a list of eligible courses, is available on the SSFP site.

Tuition & Fees

The University sets per-unit tuition rates for all students during Summer Quarter.

A note for recent Stanford graduates: If you would like to continue your education during the Summer Quarter, please refer to the Visiting Undergraduate page for application and registration information.

Summer Quarter

Instruction Begins June 24, 2023

End-Quarter Examinations August 18–19, 2023

How to Apply

Current Stanford students do not need to apply to Summer Session. Simply enroll in courses when Axess opens for the quarter on April 10.


Academic Support

Our Summer Academic Resource Center offers Academic Advising, Tutoring, and Workshops all summer, to ensure you have the support you need during the condensed eight-week quarter.

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